Enzar Empire Press

Enzar Empire Press is the newest imprint of Energion Publications with a mission to publish niche market science fiction, fantasy, and mystery.  Unlike the parent company’s main imprint, publications need not be Christian themed. This imprint uses a traditional model of publishing, meaning that your book goes through a process of acceptance, editing, and production. You do not pay us to produce your book.

The Enzar Empire Press imprint was created with the publication of Tales from Jevlir:  Oddballs, a collection of tales of adventure largely taken from the fantasy category on The Jevlir Caravansary.

Submissions are welcome, and should be sent to pubs@energion.com, with a note included that you are submitting your work for the Enzar Empire Press imprint.

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  1. Jim Pickette says:

    Helloooooo, Henry!

    Your 93 page opus magnus arrived in yesterday’s post. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recognized a few things in your universe from 25 years ago. Your blog that, “I collected them into this booklet for fun,” seems like bald truth. The product shows that you enjoyed your subjects and probably the process. Any new projects in work or bubbling on your feverish brain? What follows after this (first?) volume?

    Jim P.

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